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For The Finest Paint Finishes - Choose Fine Paints Of Europe

A top choice paint brand by distinctive homeowners and painting industry professionals - Fine Paints Of Europe delivers unparalleled color retention and long lasting finishes.

Fine Paints Of Europe (FPOE) is a family-run business, based in Woodstock, Vermont. FPOE was founded in 1987 to import and make available the finest Dutch paints throughout New England and now across the United States. FPOE paints are made from the highest-quality ingredients, free from the fillers that many domestic brands utilize.

What Makes FPOE Unique From Other Paints?

FPOE paints are unique because of the amount of quality ingredients they contain. Manufactured in the Netherlands using only the finest resins and premium pigments, which are perfectly blended into every drop of paint. This commitment to product excellence ensures that surfaces painted with FPOE paints will have the longest lasting, and most durable and brilliant finish.

Many paint brands will need to be retouched or recoated every few years. But your FPOE colors will maintain their richness and beauty for years to come.

"When Brooke suggested that we choose Fine Paints Of Europe paint to refinish our exterior doors — the price was more than other top brands... but after seeing the finished product, it's clear that it was worth the cost & careful work... It's gorgeous!" - Susan, Swampscott, MA

Why Are Dutch Paints Better?

By the 18th century, the Netherlands had become a major center for trade with a growing economy and an expanding merchant class, and art scene. Increasing demand from artists — such as Rembrandt, Vermeer, and later Van Gogh — for the finest pigments and paints was a major catalyst in Dutch paint innovations.

For over two centuries the Netherlands has been a world class leader in paint development. Although it is not a large country in land size, there are many great paint manufacturers whose headquarters are based there.

Why Do FPOE Paints Require Professional Application?

To bring out the very best qualities of Fine Paints Of Europe paints, requires both science and art. Special care with surface preparation and environmental factors, such as air movement, must be taken into account during application.

For professional results — all air ducts and doorways should be sealed, and flooring and fabric surfaces covered to reduce the stirring of dust. Even the smallest particles in the air can ruin a high-gloss finish. Also, FPOE paints should be thinned, carefully measuring and then straining the paint, to ensure a perfectly smooth and glossy luster.

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