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For The Finest Paint Finishes - Choose Fine Paints Of Europe

Updated: Feb 20

A top choice paint brand by distinctive homeowners and painting professionals everywhere - Fine Paints Of Europe delivers unparalleled color retention and one of the longest lasting paint finishes money can buy. Fine Paints of Europe is an independently owned company established in 1987 that imports superior paint from the Netherlands for distribution. Free from inexpensive fillers and only crafted with the finest pigments and ingredients, these paints are what you want to reach for when your living space needs a facelift.

"When Brooke suggested we go with Fine Paints Of Europe - the price was more than other top brands... but after seeing the finished product, it's clear that it was worth the hardwork & cost... It's gorgeous!" - Susan, Swampscott, MA

How Is Fine Paints of Europe Paint Different Than Standard Paint?

While Fine Paints of Europe paint contains the same overall categories of ingredients, it’s different from standard paint because of the quality of those ingredients.

When paint is manufactured with inexpensive filers and other ingredients of lesser quality, you’re left with a paint that simply gets the job done. It may coat the surface you desire, but the results are a bit lackluster. It doesn’t last more than a few years in most cases before the surface needs to be recoated, and the original finish itself isn’t as brilliant.

With paints that originated in The Netherlands, you see only the highest-quality resins and finely ground pigments in large concentrations throughout the paint gallon. There are also never any inexpensive fillers used. This makes for richer colors, better overall appearance of the painted surface, and increased durability and longevity of that painted surface. High-quality paint means much more time between needed touch-ups and a longer duration of brilliant finish.

The History of Dutch Paint

For almost two centuries, the Netherlands has led the world in paint production. Though the size of the country is not large, more than 120 paint manufacturers call it home. The world’s largest paint manufacturer, Akzo Nobel, is just one of those 120.

Toward the end of the 18th century, there were a host of artists who resided in the Netherlands; among them were Vermeer and Rembrandt. These artists wanted paints that would stand the test of time. So, Dutch entrepreneurs set to work to create paint that would be what the artists wanted and needed to create their masterpieces and help them remain vibrant through the years. By 1790, the right formula of oils and pigments was discovered, and high-quality Dutch paint was born.

FPOE vs. Benjamin Moore

Fine Paints of Europe have stood the test of time much better compared to BM. BM in a lovely warm colour which within 2 years faded. It was completely unrecognizable. I used FPE in a large bedroom 12 years ago and the color is still as vibrant as the day I painted it.

Do You Need a Professional to Paint With Fine Paints of Europe?

Yes, when hiring a professional the results will be much better than if you were to attempt to do on your own.

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