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Elevating Our Craft Through Excellence

Our MISSION & Purpose - To deliver the highest level of skilled craftsmanship and lasting quality with the utmost professionalism, while consistently exceeding expectations.

Our VISION - To be the preferred residential painting company in our community – attracting clients and staff who are equally inspired by excellence, while continuously being challenged to grow and elevate our craft, each other and the trade.

Our VALUES - In order to achieve our vision and stay true to our mission, the following core values serve to guide us daily toward success, on both a company-wide and an individual level:


Driven to always be the best.

Great craft comes from creating with passion. It is a quality that is consistently practiced and refined over time. BLC Painting is known for delivering outstanding quality of service and a superior product. Taking the greatest of care and paying attention to the finest of details is imperative in all stages of our work, from the preparation to the completion of every project.


Doing the right thing, regardless.

To be known for the quality of our craftsmanship requires uncompromising ethics. We must consistently deliver on our promises, while fulfilling each project with integrity. Maintaining this important value fosters trust from our customers and trustworthiness among our team members.


Respect for our clients & each other.

We pledge to respect each other: our customers and their homes, our team members, our vendors, and our community. We value the differences that each team member represents, and recognize that everyone is important and has experiences and perspectives that matter.


Understanding through listening.

We strive to be good communicators by first being good listeners. Through open and honest communication, we seek to understand the priorities of our clients – and the perspectives and knowledge within our team. Truly understanding and trusting one another is how lasting relationships are built and nurtured.


Committed to becoming better.

Growth and sharing knowledge is an essential component to maintaining our high standards of craft and service. We strive to always be improving and learning from each other, and from the latest innovations of our trade – to ensure that we are always delivering the best and highest quality services and products to our clients.



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