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Makeover Your Kitchen & Cabinetry - With A Factory Fresh Refinish

Refreshing your cabinetry is an easy win to help beautify and upgrade your home - for resell or for bragging rights.

Kitchen design trends and color styles change over time. Refreshing the colors of your kitchen and cabinetry can reveal a 'like new' room. If the framing of your cabinets are in good shape, they can be refinished. And refinishing your cabinets will cost much less than replacing them.

Before considering taking a DIY approach, let us share with you how we at BLC Painting tackle a cabinetry refinishing project – the professional techniques required to achieving a factory-like finish.

Preparation Makes Perfect

We approach a cabinet refinishing project like a military operation. The room itself is sealed off to keep the dust out of the rest of the house during the sanding process, and afterwards to keep everything inside the kitchen perfectly dust-free. The air flowing in and out of the kitchen is filtered, and the out flowing air is exhausted outside of the home.

After the room has been completely sealed, we deep clean all cabinetry surfaces, inside and out, to remove any dirt and oils – before and after sanding. We also carefully inspect all cabinetry and surrounding moldings and trim for gaps, cracks or crevices, which will then be repaired or filled before priming and painting.

The amount of preparation work that goes into a kitchen and cabinetry refinishing project might seem extreme, but that's what it takes to achieve a professional-looking and flawless finish.

Achieving A Factory Finish

We take as much care in priming and painting your kitchen and cabinetry as we do with the preparation work — so that when the final coat cures/dries and everything is reassembled, your kitchen and cabinetry will look perfect.

All cabinet framing, molding and trim is carefully taped, primed and painted on site, but to ensure the best adherence and finest finish, the cabinet doors are carefully removed and taken to our off-site spraying studio.

Once your kitchen has been painted and reassembled, we will remove all preparation materials and make sure that everything is clean — and that your kitchen and cabinetry are ready to be enjoyed. We will then review our work with you and answer any questions that you might have about maintaining your fresh new kitchen.

"BLC Painting was recommended to us by friends. We hired them to paint several rooms in our home & to refinish our kitchen cabinetry. We love our new kitchen & are very pleased with the quality of their work!" - the Chins, Ipswich, Mass.


We Also Do Bathrooms & More

Maybe your kitchen cabinets aren't the problem, but the cabinetry in a bathroom, mud rum, or laundry room needs updating. We can give those a fresh refinishing too – treating them with the same level of preparation care. Let us also update your trim and wall colors, to give the entire room a whole new look.

No matter the interior or exterior, when you choose BLC Painting professionals for your project, you are in very good hands. We look forward to serving you to transform your home or property!

About BLC Painting - BLC Painting is a full-service, woman-owned painting company: interior | exterior | residential | commercial – specializing in fine properties – on the Northshore of Massachusetts and Metro Boston. Our aim is to always exceed exceptions, while earning trust through exceptional service and craftsmanship.



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